Relive the MIDO Eyewear Show 2023 in Milan, Italy with

Relive the MIDO Eyewear Show 2023 in Milan, Italy with

Relive the MIDO Eyewear Show 2023 in Milan, Italy with
If you’re a fan of eyewear fashion, then you’re in for a real treat! The MIDO Eyewear Show 2023 was held in Milan, Italy and we were there to visit it for the first time. Here, we’ll give you a sneak peek of what we saw, from the latest trends to the hottest designers and everything in between, we enjoyed every aspect of the well-organised show hosted at the Fiera di Milano!


Exploring Upcoming Trends at the MIDO 2023 Show

At the MIDO 2023 Show, attendees had the chance to explore the latest eyewear fashion trends that are emerging in the eyewear industry. This included items such as glamorous embellishments, bold colors and geometric shapes, making it a perfect destination for those looking to stay up-to-date with the latest eyewear trends.

Sustainable materials, like recycled ocean plastic frames and bamboo posts and temples, are becoming more popular as eyewear fashion trends. Sustainable materials offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional plastic and metal frames, ensuring that eyewear is both stylish and eco-friendly.

Attendees had the chance to get their hands on these sustainable fashion pieces, as well as a variety of other trends.

In addition to exploring upcoming trends, attendees at the MIDO 2023 Show were able to discover innovative new materials that are being used for eyewear design, such as sustainable materials, recycled materials and 3D printed components, providing an exciting glimpse into the future of eyewear fashion! Moreover, sunglasses are an especially popular segment within eyewear fashion.

Visitors of the MIDO 2023 Show had the opportunity to explore the latest sunglasses trends, as well as innovative new sunglasses materials and technologies, such as smart lenses and 3D printed components.

Milan: The Metropolis of Fashion

Milan has long been known as the Italian fashion capital. It is no surprise that the city is now becoming a major hub for eyewear fashion. From bold eyewear trends on the runway to chic eyewear designs worn by celebrities, Milan is setting the eyewear trend standard of the world.

It's no wonder why eyewear brands flock to Italy to launch their collections - with Milan at the forefront of fashion, it seems like eyewear trends are only getting bolder and more daring.

With brands like Prada, Gucci and Dior, Milan is quickly establishing itself as a destination for all the latest trends in fashion. From classic eyewear frames to bold statement pieces, there's something for everyone on the forefront of eyewear fashion. You can find styles inspired by the catwalks of Milan, Paris and London, with eyewear frames for any face shape and style. Whether you're looking for a timeless classics, oversizes or something cutting-edge, fashion from Milan has got you covered at the Mido trade show!

As more people flock to Milan to shop for their fashion needs, it is clear that this metropolis has solidified its status as one of the most stylish cities in the world when it comes to eye-catching fashion Similarly, vintage eyewear has indisputable become one of the hottest must-haves in the Italian fashion capital. From vintage round glasses to vintage Cat Eye frames, the annual Mido trade show is a mecca for vintage eyewear fans.


In conclusion, the MIDO Eyewear Show 2023 was an event to remember, with a line-up of the latest trends, hottest designers, and biggest names in eyewear. There’s no better place than Milan, Italy for lovers of eyewear fashion. So next year, mark your calendar and get ready for a real treat that you won’t want to miss!