Gravel, road and mtb cycling sunglasses: how to choose the right pair for you

Gravel, road and mtb cycling sunglasses: how to choose the right pair for you

Choosing the perfect pair of cycling sunglasses can be tricky, so we've created a guide to help you make the best decision. Whether it's for yourself or as a gift for someone else, finding the right performance cycling sunglasses should be easy and enjoyable. Here are some tips on choosing the right pair of cycling sunglasses:

Figure out lens type, determine what style will fit your face shape, check for comfort level, confirm the lenses provide protection from UV rays, and look into any additional features that could enhance your ride.


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When selecting cycling sunglasses, a few key factors should be taken into consideration. Versatility is an essential feature when making a choice; for optimal performance year-round, either opt for shades with adjustable lenses or interchangeable lenses that are optimized for different weather conditions (including sunny, cloudy, and night riding).

Additionally, it’s important that your sunglasses provide maximum coverage against not just the sun but also shifts in temperature, dirt, and debris. A wrap-around frame and peripheral coverage offer complete protection; lens shape plays a role here as well. Keep these tips in mind for top-of-the-line cycling sunglasses!


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Durability is also an important factor in the selection of cycling sunglasses. Generally, investing in a well-made and sturdy pair is a good idea as they are subject to more stretching, vibration, and impact than those worn for walking or driving. Such rough terrain encountered when riding means adequate eye protection from wind, debris, UV rays, and possible shocks should be provided by these robust glasses.

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Furthermore, one should ensure that the sunglasses are comfortable enough to wear without distraction or discomfort for long periods. Incorrectly fitting glasses can cause headaches or be a general nuisance while riding. They must fit snugly and preferably offer adjustable features such as nose pads so you won't have to worry about them slipping down your nose or falling off once you get going.

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Cycling sunglasses offer an extra layer of protection for any weather, fog, or sunshine. Depending on your needs and preferences, there are a few types of lenses that cycling riders can choose from. Photochromatic lenses are versatile as they adjust the tint to match different lighting levels. Mirrored lenses provide UV protection with their reflective coating while also reducing glare for clearer road vision. Polarized lenses can filter out horizontally polarized light that follows off flat surfaces and often creates bright glares- making it ideal for long rides in sunny days. No matter what lens you go for, make sure it enhances your cycling vision and offers the maximum level of protection in any weather!

Those with presbyopia and other vision impairments may find that progressive lenses are the perfect solution while cycling. These lenses, also called multifocals, provide users with a variety of focal points. The top of the lens is designed for seeing further away while the middle offers an intermediate viewing area, and the bottom provides a reading point. For individuals who don't require vision corrections, single-lens options are available. Additionally, high-contrast lenses make it easier for cyclists to spot colors found in nature—such as green, blue, or brown—so they can take evasive action quickly if needed.

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The frame of cycling glasses not only secures the lenses to your head, but also adds an extra layer of protection. Quality sunglasses usually have arms that feature adjustable rubberised nose pieces and gripping material to ensure that the glasses sit securely on your nose bridge. Half-rim models are slightly lighter than full-rim frames; however, the full rim provides reinforcement and stability to the lenses. Moreover, weight should be considered when selecting cycling sunglasses - for both comfort and aerodynamics.

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Cycling eyewear should be lightweight yet durable at the same time, in order to reduce wind resistance while ensuring optimal performance in motion. Additionally, it is important to consider how well the frames fit with a helmet as well as on your face - straightback temples typically provide better security under helmets, whilst adjustable arms aid in finding a comfortable and secure grip.

When shopping for a pair of cycling sunglasses, consider the frame grips and adjustable arms as well as performance lenses that can be interchanged. To take your protection and performance to an even higher level, look for additional features such as those listed below.

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