Why has this project come to life?

Due to personal necessity, we decided to explore the eyewear market further. We realized that buying high-end European eyewear frames and fashion/sports sunglasses is not completely accessible to the global consumer market around the world. Its accessibility is  presently based on rigid distribution networks and rights and high street retailer locations. If your area is not covered then certain brands are not obtainable.

With Vistashop.online  we want to give you the freedom to choose your style from wherever you are on the planet. We are giving you the opportunity to pay less for your frames and obtain more compared to the normal high street prices.
This is thanks to our 100% online business model and reduced operating costs.

Why Should I order from Vistashop.online?

- It's Quick and easy website to use,
- Updated Stock Availability & Quick Lead times,
- Access the latest European eyewear trends,
- Quick delivery times with our expert partner DHL
- Reduced Carbon Footprint
- Careful Customer Care team

Vistashop: Mark Chambers 

Who is Mark Chambers?

Hello, I am a British expat (dual nationality) Marketing consultant working and living in Brescia, Northern Italy since 1997. At the age of 40, I started having trouble with my eyesight and had to resort to eyewear glasses for my every day life, especially the long work hours in front of the computer.


This wonderful world has become a true passion for me. Join me on my quest to discover and promote the best hidden European Eyewear artisan brands around the world.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful journey with me.