We accept American Express, Mastercard, Visa, and Paypal through the Internet.

It is not uncommon for a request for credit card authorization to fail once or twice before the card is finally authorized. We will send you an e-mail if we experience difficulties in authorizing your credit card.

You choose which suits yours needs and makes you feel safer...


Security features include:
  • 3D Secure checkouts
  • PCI-compliant servers
  • Payment data encryption
  • Keeping payment info and business data safe.


Protection you need, peace of mind you deserve.
Keeping your financial information secure is absolutely essential when buying and selling online. Whether on a website, in an app, or an invoice payment, trust PayPal to help keep your transactions secure.

Buyer Protection covers you if something goes wrong.
Every eligible purchase with PayPal is automatically covered by Buyer Protection for up to 180 days. If your order never arrives or isn’t as described, we’ll help you get a refund.

PayPal’s Buyer Protection Policy.
If an eligible item you bought with PayPal doesn’t arrive, or doesn’t match the seller’s description, PayPal will reimburse you for the full amount (up to $20,000 USD)of the item including shipping costs according to their dispute procedures

24/7 Customer Support
PayPal Customer Support is here to assist you if a problem does arise. We can help you deal with a Buyer Protection claim, suspicious account activity, or a problem with a purchase. If you have a question, please contact us.

€0 Liability
We’ll email you a receipt confirming payment whenever you pay with PayPal. If you receive an email for a payment you didn’t authorize, contact us immediately. We’ll act fast to secure your account and investigate.

Full Refunds
Paypal's Buyer Protection Policy helps you in the unlikely event you have a problem with an eligible purchase. If an item doesn’t arrive or match the seller’s description, they will help you recover the full purchase price (up to $20,000 USD), including shipping costs.